🚀 Release Notes

Hi 👋, thank you for using Briephly. We are working very hard to make your experience on Briephly the best in class. Below is the list of what we shipped in the recent releases.

May 13, 2021

Here is what's new in today's release:

  • Introducing Badges🏅 - writers can now earn badges by simply writing micro-stories on Briephly. The more they write the more badges they earn. These badges will be visible with writers' on every Brieph they post and on their profile. So, start writing today and earn those shiny badges. You can visit your profile to find the list of all badges or click here to find more

March 30, 2021

Here is what's new in today's release:

  • Multi-country support   🌏 - you can now read, write, share stories from your own country. Briephly will now pick up your country from your current location. You can always edit your country from your profile 👤

  • New stories alert 🔔 - now every time you open the Briephly app you will notify you of any new briephs created in your country that matches your interests. 

  • New Topics 📚 - We have added 2 new topics Fiction, and Feel Good for all of you. You can now read and write about these 2 topics only on Briephly.