• Vikram Kamboj

Why clickbait is bad news

At Briephly, we don't believe in clickbait. It's not that we don't understand it; it's just that we've made a decision not to value it.

Sure, clickbait may seem a good solution for getting views, but what about reliability and authority? What about good ol' quality content?

Why clickbait is bad for everyone involved

Clickbait isn't necessarily a bad thing. But when it becomes an end in itself, it's bad for publishers, it's bad for readers, and it's bad for the public debate.

We've seen many publishers overusing this strategy over the years, to get readers on the hook. But the reality is, the 'trick' doesn't work long term. Smart readers may click at first, but they won't come back for more if there's nothing beyond the headline - if they realise that their trust has been traded for clicks and impressions.

On the other hand, quality content delivers value selflessly. It's about treating readers with respect, creating a long-term relationship with the audience. And that's what we're trying to promote here at Briephly. Now, we're looking for writers and readers who are willing to share this journey with us.

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