• Vikram Kamboj

International Democracy Day in the time of Covid-19

Yesterday, 15 September, marked the annual International Day of Democracy - a powerful reminder of the challenges that democracy faces in these uncertain times.

As UN Secretary-General António Guterres pointed out in his message, Covid-19 has brought to the fore long-neglected injustices - from social protection gaps through to inadequate health systems, digital divides, and unequal access to education.

"Along with the profound human toll, these inequalities are themselves threats to democracy,” Guterres said.

Many civil society organisations around the world are responding to the UN's call-to-action by developing media literacy and digital safety, fighting misinformation and disinformation, and training journalists to report on the impact of the pandemic with fact-checked coverage.

For more on this, click here to download the report "Global Democracy & Covid-19: Upgrading International Support".