• Vikram Kamboj

How do New Zealand politicians use social media?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

With only a few weeks left until the general election, Wellington-based Victoria University researchers are investigating how NZ politicians use social media to target, inform and interact with voters.

The New Zealand Social Media Study is the local leg of an international project looking into the impact of digitisation on political campaigns around the world. Each week, Dr Mona Krewel and Professor Jack Vowles will publish their findings here from 2 October 2020.

"The New Zealand Social Media Study allows us to make evidence-based contributions to debates about the quality of democratic discourse in the general election," said Dr Krewel. "Orchestrated operations by social media bots and fake news are increasing. Meanwhile, many citizens live in closed social media filter bubbles and echo chambers, with massive implications for democratic discourse."


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