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How do I become a writer on Briephly?

Download our Briephly mobile app from App Store or Google Play and create an account with us. You can then register your request to become a writer on our platform once logged in. You can always reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback for us.

How long does it take to get my writer reqeust approved?

This is on a case by case basis, we try and get through every writer request as soon as possible and we may contact you to ask for additional information but rest assured that we will notify you as soon as we have processed your request

What can I write about one I am approved as a writer?

After you get approved as a writer on Briephly, you can start writing about anything you feel like immediately, or you can choose to create channels to categorize your Briephs. For instance, you can create a channel to post all your Briephs about Rugby related news, or another channel for your local suburb news, or it can be about anything you are passionate about reporting. Creating channels helps readers navigate through your content better.

What are channels and how can I create one?

Channels are a way of categorizing your related news Briephs, think of it as your personal space where you can post any Brieph related to topic of that channel. You can only create a channel once you are approved as a writer and once approved you can cretae any number of channels. You can simply add details about your channel, add a fancy image to represent your channel, choose a topic for your channel, add some tags to help users find your channel easily and then you are ready to go.

Can I write a Brieph without a channel?

Yes, you absolutely can! You don't have to create a channel to write a Brieph. You can write a Brieph directly under your writer account. However, we recommend writing Briephs under a channel as Channels help categorize your news briephs and help readers access your news Briephs better.

When can I start monetizing my content?

Once you are a writer, you have to reach our miltstones (link below) before you can start monetizing your content, you can find all details related to monetizing your content here

How can I grow my following?

Make sure you add your writer description to let people know about you and what you are wirting about and explaion what you can offer to your readers and focus on the value proposition. Be original and make sure your content is unique. And finally make sure you spread the word on your social media, and with your friends and family.

What is a Brieph?

Brieph is a 30-second summary of a news article. A writer writers news articles on Briephly in the form of 70 words news summaries. It helps readers navigate through the news articles in a matter of minutes and provides our users with a clutter-free experience. As a reader, you can view these Briephs when you log in with Briephly. Just swipe to view Briephs posted by tons of local kiwi writers and creators around you. This is how a typical Brieph looks like on our app. Brieph