Content Creation Policy

Briephly commits to forming a news platform, which provides unbiased and true news summaries called Briephs, we believe in providing short and crips 30-second understandable news summaries to our readers.

We expect all our writers to follow these guidelines strictly. We believe in your right judgment but we may remove your Brieph or choose to suspend your account if the below guidelines are not followed accordingly.

  1. No COVID-related micro-stories - we hold the right to remove your article or suspend your account without notice if you publish any COVID-related information on Briephly.   

  2. Highlight the points you think are essential for the readers and check facts. Any non-factual or misleading content will be removed. 

  3. Keep your summary short and unbiased. Your summary should emphasize objectivity. 

  4. Use simple language that is understandable for everyone. Spell out acronyms and avoid or explain jargons.

  5. The summary should be longer than the title and it should be at least 35 words long with a maximum limit of 70 words.

  6. The title should be a minimum of 25 characters and a maximum of 80 characters long. 

  7. The Brieph cannot be a direct advertisement or promotion of any product or service.

  8. You can link your Briephs to your blog, website article, a social media post, or a video link, as long as you are correctly summarising the intent of the content on the link added.

  9. Make sure you have the authority to use the image, link, or content.

  10. If you are using a publically available image, content, or a link, make sure you attribute the owner appropriately where required.

  11. Use correct spelling and grammar.

  12. When summarizing a summary based on a study, always refer to the original study.

  13. If you are writing an opinion then start your summary with the word "Opinion".

  14. Avoid using direct quotations and repetitions if unnecessary in your summary

  15. Do not copy-paste. If you have difficulties using your own words, try to write short phrases instead of long, complex sentences.

  16. Avoid question or exclamation marks unless absolutely necessary and be gentle with punctuation marks.

  17. Don't capitalize every word. Only use capital letters at the start of a sentence or when writing names.

  18. Keep your summary impersonal. Don't write in the first or second person.

Non-consensual and nudity policy 

  1. You cannot use photos or content which is pornographic in nature​​.

  2. You cannot post explicit images that were taken, appear to have been taken, or that were shared without the consent of the people involved.​​