Our Story

We're a New Zealand-based technology start-up, with a zest for quality story-telling. 

As creatives and communication specialists, we believe in the power of words - and the responsibility for choosing them well. 


That's why we set out on this journey. Briephly brings news, storytelling, and quality information together, for an invigorating user experience. Unfiltered by social media, content aggregators, or news outlets. Curated by writers and served to readers in bite-sized 'briephs'. 

Our Goal

Our vision is to propel imaginative and humanised story-telling to the frontline.

This is Briephly: a collaborative mobile platform designed to connect readers and writers, and reshape how people 'consume' information all around the world. 

We're out to empower writers to rise above the clickbait noise and embody their own voice. Most importantly, we're here to provide readers with a simple tool to navigate the world we live in, by putting micro-stories at their fingertips.